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$MOS - Mother of Shiba will protect both of her son tokens by supporting her pups and helping them grow and be as strong as possible.

Mother Of Shiba.

"There is no love as fierce and pure as a Mother's"


Half Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu




Mother of Shiba

 is a decentralized token and memecoin, provided to the public to buy on the ERC20 blockchain yet not paired with Ethereum and paired with $SHIB token.

The main targets of the token is to look after both $Shiba & $Shiba-0.5 by using tax to buy and burn their supply.

Of course we also want our own goals as well and build our own $Shib like community as HalfShiba have done and made a great job doing it.

Our roadmap to start with will be about building community and growing in strength but then been strong and bullish enough to migrate to the Shibarium blockchain once up and live.

Once on the blockchain we aim to provide our first utility which the mother will keep to herself for now 

There is no reason why a early $Shib holder and someone who held $10Billion at one point can't do this through the power of $Shib and build a community like it also.

Love you pups... Mother Shiba




Total Supply



2% Buy
2% Sell

Tax Distribuation
0.5% Buy/Burn $Shib
0.5% Buy/Burn $Shib-0.5
0.5% Future Utility
0.5% Community giveback
LP Pair

$Shib only 


Phase 1

Deploy and Launch 

Links to all socials

Introduce website

Build a day 1 solid floor and community

Update Dextools

make first buy and burn of $Shib & HalfShib

Phase 2

Whitepaper v1

Website V2

500 Holders

Coinmarketcap & CoinGekko

Small exchange listing

Shibarium Migration

Burn LP

Launch 1st Utility

Phase 3

Info added at a later stage
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